Meat products of Messaoud Persian (kalis)

About 30 years ago, Messaoud Persian’s management of Food Production Company began its activities under the trade title “kalis” and with the establishment of Grocery store in Tehran, and due to increasing development of city gradually and needs for high quality and diverse products, after research and recognition of taste and individuality, he acted to register the company by number 214 554 in 1382.  
Meat production company of Messaoud Persian after completing the project and provide a suitable environment Production in 1385, began to produce meat products as trade title “Kalis”  by using active and committed  staffs with hygiene and safety in top of service plan. This company have been established in an area of 3500 square meters including hall production equipped with modern machinery and using modern equipments for impaction with annual production capacity over 3 tons.  
Kalis Company is succeeded in obtaining the exploitation permit from the Ministry of Health under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines with quality control units and modern laboratories for chemical and Microbiology and experts, and now all products have an approved license from the food and Drug Administration and are produced under the supervision of standard department.

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