Guide lines of company

Meat products unit of Messaoud Persian, as trade title “kalis” is one of the manufacturers for meat products, and, since 1385, has started formally its work in the field of production Sausage and  kielbasa in the South East of Tehran. It is one of best company and the pioneers with meet the expectations of consumers who their choose affect on the company’s production performance that whatever is done, is a movement towards nutrition, health and hygiene of foods. The company has led its actions for the quality of products by food safety guide lines that expressed company’s commitment as follows:

Compliance with the requirements of food safety and quality control and monitoring.

Trust by offering products or services in accordance with expectations and consumer demands.

Efficient use of advanced and updated machines and to increase efficiency and quality

Expansion of diversity, quality and memorable taste of productions

Providing high quality and hygiene at all stages as group purpose.

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